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Year 5

15th March 2024 - As part of our installation art unit, we have been studying the work of Humberto Campana and Yoo, Hyun Mi. Both of these artists are famous for transforming everyday furniture items by adding objects, changing their positioning and creating a surprising scale. The first photo shows a group's attempt at creating a vehicle and the second photo shows a group's attempt at creating an honorary Year 5 class member, who enjoys reading!

May 2023 - The children in Year 5 worked together to make a Rosenberg System. This involved using lots of different things to cause the weight and pulley system to throw a set of dice out of a plastic cup.

May 2023 - Over the last few weeks at Mrs Rydz art club, children from Years 4 and 5 have been working on creating real life paintings using different fruits. They carefully used acrylic paints and blended, shaded, added shadows and their work has really come to life! Miss Rydz and Miss Lightfoot are amazed by the paintings, and we hope you all are too! The children will be entering their artwork in the Thanet's Young Artists Festival 2023 and can see their work in the exhibition too. What an amazing talent each and every one of you have! You persevered and did not give up. Well done to you all!

13th March 2023 - On Monday, Years 5 and 6 were visited by a representative of the Medway STEM association. He taught them all about how to be an engineer and how to create a Geodesic Dome. This involved a lot of communication and teamwork. They all performed brilliantly!

30th January 2023 - On Monday, Leo came to visit year 5 and had some lovely cuddles. This was all to do with our Peasants, Princes and Pestilence topic where we have learnt about the spread of the Black Death (Which Leo doesn't have).

13.05.22 - On Thursday, as part of our Peasants, Princes and Pestilence Topic, Year 5 got to meet Lucky and Leo, two adorable pet rats! Year 5 leant all about caring for pet rats and wrote their own non-chronological reports on how to be a good rat-keeper!

Around the World Day

Friday 14th January, 2022


For Around the World Day, Year 5 made their very own Terracotta Army to celebrate the History of China.