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High expectations for all, in the light of Christ

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Our Vision, Values and Mission Statement


Our vision for St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School is to be a school with ‘high expectations for all, in the light of Christ’. By placing Jesus at the heart of everything we do, all pupils will be given every opportunity to achieve their potential and encouraged to learn about and develop their hidden talents in order to reach high levels of achievement.



Our Values

Our values are the most important feature of our school. We endeavour for all of our children to leave St Ethelbert’s as thoughtful young people, ready to enjoy the next stage of their education with a font of knowledge, and as individuals that will respect everyone around them, and celebrate their differences.



We reflect to become a better person and think about other people in our common home



We never stop learning and we love learning together



Everyone is welcome in the St Ethelbert’s family


Mission Statement

‘Every child at St Ethelbert’s is to fulfil their academic, social, behavioural and emotional potential in the surroundings of a Catholic community, and in which each individual shares or respects the Catholic Church and Christian way of Life.’  


As a Catholic school we endeavour to create a living and caring Christian community, where we aspire to ignite within everyone, the light of Christ. 


We strive to: 

  • Educate the whole person to their full potential: spiritually, morally, academically, emotionally, socially, culturally and physically.
  • Respect, love and value ourselves and others as unique individuals and children of God.
  • Encourage everyone to pray and develop a deeper personal relationship with God. 
  • Support parents and carers as the first educators of the child. 
  • Enhance the essential relationship between the school, family and parish.


A painting depicting the story of St Ethelbert was commissioned by Mr Marshall to go in the reception area at school.


The painting shows Augustine and the Monks, sent by Pope Gregory, coming over from France to covert the pagans.  Ethelbert was a warrior King, married to Bertha, a French princess from Paris.  Once Ethelbert converted many came forward to be baptised, we believe in the River Stour.  Ethelbert, King of Kent lived in Canterbury and he granted Augustine and the monks land to build the first church, which was St Augustine’s church, Canterbury, now in ruins.


The painting was completed by Kay Cox, a local artist and is proudly displayed outside the school office.