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Health Issues

What do I do if my child is prescribed medication?

If your child needs to have medication at school you must complete a form at the school office. We ask that medication at school is kept to a minimum and if antibiotics are prescribed for less than four times a day we suggest this can be organised out of school time.

All  Asthma inhalers and Epipens are kept safely in the classrooms.  All other medication held on school premises is kept in the school office.  


What happens if my child has a medical/dental appointment?

Please try to arrange medical appointments outside of school time. If this is unavoidable we ask that you bring the appointment letter to the school office so it can be recorded on the register.


How long before my child can return to school after an illness?

We ask that children remain at home until they are well enough to return to school.
Sickness and stomach bugs – we ask that children remain at home for 48 hours after their last bout of illness to ensure that infections do not spread.


What happens if my child has an accident at school?

All Teaching Assistants are first aid trained and can offer reassurance and first aid to pupils who are injured at school.

If the injury is significant we would inform parents and appropriate first aid would be given and of course if the injury was serious we would involve the medical services as soon as possible.


What do I do if my child has headlice?

If your child has headlice we ask that you treat them quickly to ensure that they do not spread. If we notice that your child has headlice during the school day we will send a text to all parents in the class to inform them.