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Collective Worship

‘With Christ, our life becomes full and everything makes sense. When Christ is your friend, you have joy and happiness’

Pope Francis


At St Ethelbert’s we belong to a loving, welcoming, forgiving family that lives in the life of the Gospels. Jesus is central to every aspect of school life and acts of worship may take place any time during the day. It could be a single act of worship with the whole school family or separate acts of worship in class groups. In our school there is a clear difference between Collective Worship and Assemblies. When we gather for Collective Worship we focus on the Word of God, we use symbols and ritual and we are aware of God’s presence among us. Collective Worship is not designated curriculum time and is not included in any part of the curriculum, including RE.


Collective Worship in St Ethelbert’s is an integral part of our ethos, aims and relationships, as our values of Thoughtfulness, Inclusion and Knowledge permeate all aspects of school life and all relationships. It is a way of deepening our relationship with God together as well as individually. Through the many forms this worship takes, we grow in spiritual, moral and liturgical understanding. We allow ourselves to grow in understanding of our living faith tradition and then develop a sense of wonder and inspiration in the person of Christ. It is through Collective Worship that we share each other’s faith experiences and learn the skills of prayer and reflection. This is a very important aspect of life at St Ethelbert’s.


We aim to:

  • To develop an awareness and understanding of the presence of God in each child’s life and to encourage a personal response to that presence
  • To allow each child to develop their conscience and make moral judgements based on our commitment to following in the footsteps of Christ
  • To enable each child to participate and respond to liturgy and worship in an appropriate way to their age and maturity.



Collective Worship takes place in our school daily. Staff and pupils are encouraged to pray with thoughtfulness and with respect through a variety of prayer experiences - Whole School Mass, Assemblies and Prayer Services, together with formal classroom and individual reflective prayer. This worship follows the liturgical year and includes appropriate Feast days. It also includes Gospel Virtues, British values, world events and other faiths to enable pupils to appreciate their place in society, and respect those around them. Reception Class experiences classroom prayer and assemblies and then when they are ready, they join us for Whole School Mass.







Whole School Gospel Reflection


Choir Lead


KS1/KS2 Singing Assembly (separate assemblies)


Deputy Head/Class Teachers

KS1/KS2 Reflection (separate assemblies)



Class Mass/Class Assembly



Whole School Achievement Celebration