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First Aid - head bumps

Bumped Head - Parental Information




  • Any pupil who suffers a head bump will be issued with a "red bumped head wristband". 
  • This will make it visible to all school staff that a head bump has occurred
  • A wristband will be given to any child who has presented to a first aider with a bump to any part of their body from the neck upwards (including eyes, ears, nose, lips etc).
  • The wristband notifies you that one of our First Aiders looked after and assessed your child and at the time it was not thought necessary to refer him/her for further attention. 
  • The wristband will have the date and time of the incident.
  • Parents will also receive a phone call from the school informing them that their child has bumped their head.
  • Children will be told that this band must remain on their wrist until they get home to show parents/carers, including if they attend an after-school club.  
  • NHS advice for parents is available to view below following a bumped head



Symptoms usually start within 24 hours, but sometimes may not appear for up to 3 weeks.  Should any of the following conditions occur please refer the child to a doctor, preferably at the local A&E Department: -

  • Severe headache (persistent)
  • Does not like bright light
  • Vomits
  • Dizzy, double or blurred vision
  • Becomes disorientated or confused or unable to remember the recent past
  • Their conscious level changes



Please click the link here for the NHS guidance on head injuries and concussion



Bumped Head - Parental Information PDF version