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17th May 2022 - Reception Class made the most out of the sunshine today during child initiated time - they had great fun using our water wall with our new pipes and used chalk to draw and write on the pathway!

1st March 2022


The Reception children enjoyed learning all about Shrove Tuesday today, particularly the tasting of the pancakes with their chosen toppings! Yummy!



25th February, 2022


On Wednesday, the Reception children walked into class to find a very exciting discovery! Our egg had hatched and we managed to catch on camera what came out of the egg....A DINOSAUR!!! How exciting! The Reception Class topic this term will now be all about Dinosaurs!!!!




22nd February, 2022

Mr Marshall delivered a special package to Reception Class this morning which had been delivered to the school! Inside was an egg!! There was a note to ask Reception class to look after the egg until it hatches! We wonder what is inside??!! We cannot wait to find out! surprise


31st January, 2022


Reception made rockets today during their child initiated activity time because they have been learning all about space today as part of their topic 'Starry Night'. They had great fun choosing what they needed and deciding how to attach different parts. Well done Reception Class!!'







21st January, 2022

Reception children took part in an egg experiment this week to look at the importance of brushing our teeth! We put hard boiled eggs in cola, orange juice, squash and water and left them for 2 days! We invited Mr Marshall to come and see the results with us and then we used toothbrushes and toothpaste to see if we could clean them! It was great fun, well done Reception class!



Around the World Day

14th January 2022


Reception children really enjoyed our 'All Around the World Day' as France Class on Friday! We learnt some new French words and phrases, made French flags, drew and labelled pictures of famous sights in France and, more importantly, we tried croissants and pain au chocolat! Yum!'






Reception Class made some beautiful poppies for our Remembrance Day display.  Thank you and well done to all the children