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High expectations for all, in the light of Christ

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HeadTeacher's Welcome, Mission and Values

Mr Simon Marshall (HeadTeacher)


Welcome to our School 


As a practising Roman Catholic, I am extremely proud to be the HeadTeacher at St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School and Nursery.  Since starting in September 2020, I lead an experienced, hardworking, outward looking and committed team who look forward to developing the school further for the children and local community. I have worked in Thanet throughout my whole career so know the area very well.

Our children learn and play together in a happy, calm and safe environment and all staff take huge pride in watching them grow from Nursery to Year 6.

Guided by our strong Christian values of THOUGHTFULNESS, KNOWLEDGE AND INCLUSION, we combine high quality teaching with excellent pastoral care to make sure that all children have high expectations in the light of Christ and reach their full potential. Alongside our exciting curriculum, we offer 20 enrichment clubs throughout the week to develop your child's interests, talents and abilities.

I believe school and home partnership is essential to your child’s academic progression and success, so whether you prefer email, phone call, text or face-to-face conversation, all of St Ethelbert’s staff members will be happy to help.



‘High expectations for all, in the light of Christ'

Everything we do, makes a difference to the children’s well -being, academically, spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally. 


Our Mission:

Our mission for St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School is to be a school with ‘high expectations for all, in the light of Christ’. All pupils will be given every opportunity to achieve their potential and encouraged to learn about and develop their hidden talents in order to reach high levels of achievement. All members of our school community will be fully equipped to meet all pupils’ needs through appropriate professional development. St Ethelbert’s will be an outstanding school.  


‘Every child at St Ethelbert’s is to fulfil their academic, social, behavioural and emotional potential in the surroundings of a Catholic community, and in which each individual shares or respects the Catholic Church and Christian way of Life.’  


As a Catholic school we endeavour to create a living and caring Christian community, where we aspire to ignite within everyone the light of Christ. 


We strive to: 

i) Educate the whole person to their full potential: spiritually, morally, academically, emotionally, socially, culturally and physically.

ii) Respect, love and value ourselves and others as unique individuals and children of God.

iii) Encourage everyone to pray and develop a deeper personal relationship with God. 

iv) Support parents and carers as the first educators of the child. 

v) Enhance the essential relationship between the school, family and parish.


Our New School Values:


‘Thoughtfulness’ –  we reflect to become a better person and think about other people in our world


‘Knowledge’ – we never stop learning


‘Inclusion’ – everyone is welcome in the St Ethelbert’s family


Simon Marshall (BA Hons QTS, NPQSL, NPQH)