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Textile Club


Term 3


Year 6 have finished off their turn in textiles group beautifully this term. 


Creative collaging.

 I think you’ll agree that they’ve met the brief perfectly with thoughtful positioning of imagery and textures in their artworks. 




Term 3

Year 6 have had a turn at huichol yarn painting. Such a variety of design and imagery. 




Term 3


Year 6 have taken one dimensional objects, cardboard discs, and with yarn and beads turned them into three dimensional works of art by using weaving techniques. 

I think they look spectacular!!


Well done smiley





Term 2



We have been busy with yarn and thread in textile group.










Term 2



Reduce, reuse, recycle. 


In textile group we have explored ways of using up scraps of fabric to make a new usable object. I think you will agree that they have all done very well in creating these trays using just scraps and pva glue.


The children had to think carefully for the design process and look at colour, motifs and placement. 


Well done textile group.







This term the textile group has been exploring Huichol yarn painting which is a style of Mexican yarn art. 

Traditional Huichol yarn art is made by spreading beeswax on a board and then pressing brightly coloured yarn into to the wax to make a vibrant image or design. 

We made our own versions using card, pva glue and a selection of yarn, and had lots of fun creating different patterns and designs.


20th October 2021


Who would have thought you could use straws to weave !?


This week in textile club we enjoyed making these bracelets using just 3 drinking straws, some yarn and a few beads.