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At St Ethelbert’s, Geography is taught using the Cornerstones Curriculum. Year 1’s topic is called Dinosaur Planet. Year 1 have been learning to read maps to locate dinosaur bones and other artefacts. Year 1 will also be learning about different dinosaurs and will use atlases to identify where in the world they can be found.  




Year 2’s topic is called Bright Lights and the Big City. They will be learning all about England’s capital city and will be able to identify many famous landmarks.  They will also be learning to name all the different islands that make up the United Kingdom.





Year 3 are learning all about the lives of the ancient Greeks in their topic Gods and Mortals. They will learn to locate Greece on a globe or map, identifying the continent on which it lies and the surrounding countries. 


As part of their Pharaoh topic Year 5 will be Learning why the Nile was so important to the development of ancient Egyptian society and its wealth. Year 5 will create maps of the Nile locating and naming towns and cities along its course.